A thought that does not cross my mind too often

So yet another blog, another start. This time, I think, I will just not talk about me and present myself like I did every other time. Sure enough, there is the About page for that.

Today was quite an ordinary day and yet different. Okay, no day is like the other, but let’s not pick on details. I had a very good night’s sleep and woke up at around 11 am, fed my rabbits and cuddled back into my still warm bed. The sun was shining outside and I had the strange feeling, that I was kind of happy or at least satisfied with my life. A thought that does not cross my mind too often. Of course I know the reason for my recent happiness. It is all because of that sweet letter I received yesterday.

For all you lovey-dovey romantics, I am sorry so say, that I am not talking about a love letter. I am referring to a rather formal letter offering me a nice 18 m² room in a new flat in my hall of residence. At the moment I am still living in a small 11 m² room with my two darling rabbits and an estimated ton of books in a flat that used to be inhabited by a number of girls who seemed to enjoy making my life miserable. Although most of these girls have moved out by now on their own account I was desperate to get out of here and now I know that by October I will be settled in my new room and will not have to waste another thought about these girls.

I had a nice little breakfast of Toffifee. I know that this is a sweet and not a real nutritious meal but do I care? No. Or better to say, not anymore. So once in a while I treat myself to this special kind of breakfast and I do love these mornings! Unfortunately, I am one of these persons who always need something to do while eating, since just eating seems such a waste of time! That’s why I spent a lovely time perusing Anne Bronte’s “The Tenant of Wildfell Hall” while breakfasting. I own one of the Penguin Popular Classic copies of the book and had my difficulties with the tiny fonts. Sometimes I feel like reading for ages and still I only manage to read 30 or 40 pages and my eyes get so easily tired then.

Yesterday night I read through those horrible passages with Lady Annabella Lowborough and Arthur Huntingdon (which is about half through the book) and Helen’s unsuccessful try to escape with little Arthur and Rachel. It left me quite unsettled. But I was very relieved to find her second plan accomplished and of course I was unbelievable eager to find out what kind of relation Helen and Mr Lawrence have. It was so simple and still so strange I could have laughed!

I spent my afternoon (since I read the whole midday) searching through my store of family pictures to select some of them to put into my newly bought picture frames from Pasttimes. They are just so beautiful! So the photos had to be special ones, too. I chose a nice picture of my granny, who died just this spring, and put it in a frame with lots of cute For-get-me-not-flowers. Very fitting. It is now standing on my nightstand and it gives me a good feeling to see her wise face before I go to sleep. It is like she is watching over me.

All the while I had my rabbits, Bingley and Nell, running around in my room. They are used to it and I don’t have to watch them all the time since I know they will not bite into any cables or pee on my carpet. Although they are young (Bingley is above a year by now) they are pretty well behaved, and I like to think it is because of my care. The only thing I have to watch is my plants which I have a lot of. Just today small Nelly nibbled at my beloved ivy plant. I had not realised that its tendrils had become long enough for her to reach.

In the evening I had a quick look at my newest flatmate. Just two days ago, a nice girl from Serbia had arrived here and the girl whom she will have to share a room with got here late this evening. She is from Ukraine and was very much exhausted from her long journey so I just said Hello, told her my name and welcomed her. I was quite touched when Alex (from Serbia) patted my head thankfully just before I went back to my room. This gesture seemed very personal and intimate like we had been friends for some months or at least known each other some weeks and not just two days. I do not know how I got her sympathies but I am glad I have them. After all the sad and miserable times I had in this flat (and I may admit that I became very down and depressed by this and had next to nothing left of my self-esteem) it is wonderful to meet someone who actually “likes” me without me trying.

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