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“I kiss somebody in a dream”-dreams

There once was this very handsome humourous guy, a fellow British studies student with a wild mob of disheveled hair. After I had made his aquaintance for circa 2 weeks, there was this moment that did cost me a lot of self-discipline. We were in an elevator and I wanted to kiss him very badly! … Continue reading

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My own little fashion story

My own little story of how I found my own style and what it looks like Continue reading

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Sunburns and lovers

A fantastic trip to the Baltic sea, an egoistic flatmate in heat and a sunburned panda face… Continue reading

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The Beatles – tribute for their 50 year anniversary

A small tribute to the 50 year anniversary of The Beatles time in Hamburg in 1960 Continue reading

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What…? … A buck?! Why, I thought she was a doe…

Yesterday I was at the vet with Nelly, my little rabbit only to find out that the big red swollen spots between her legs are a very natural neccessity for any healthy buck… Continue reading

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Silent whispers and promises of tasteful delights…

It went so far as to make me wonder who I really was. What did I do because I liked it? What did I like anyway? So my newly awakened interest in cooking felt not unfamiliar but had a bittersweet taste.
I was able to have a look at my new flat and my new room today! I had never dared to imagine it but it is great! Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Joe Perry!

Today is Joe Perry’s birthday! No, not the Aerosmith Joe Perry, but the Snooker player Joe Perry. In case you have never heard anything about Snooker: It is a great sport similar to Billard or Pool but way more difficult. But I should warn you: Snooker is somewhat of a love-hate thing, you either find it very boring or you get addicted. Continue reading

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