Did she just ask me who Becks is?!

Okay, this just crossed my mind. It happed yesterday and it is too strange not to write down. It happened during this horrible “CD-won’t-burn”-episode with me and Lisa. After we had finally given up I closed my program and she looked at my desktop background and asked me who the guy on it was.

I just answered: “Why, that’s Becks.”

And she: “Who?”

And I thought: “Did she just ask me who Becks is?!”

Turns out that she did not know that Becks was David Beckham’s nickname. She then wanted to know where I lhad earned that and I: “Well, I read The Sun from time to time online.” Unfortunately, it is somewhat impossible to buy a Sun in Germany. I told her I read it for fun.

But her face told me all too well that she was rather disgusted by the idea of reading a paper with such low niveau. Okay, when you want more niveau read the Times for God’s sake! Or “Fokus” or “Die Zeit”, since we are in Germany. That is so annoying! Telling me what not to read but not knowing who Becks is…

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