Indeed, there was no sign of life at all.

What a day! I woke up at 1 pm and felt totally wasted. Just like you feel when you have been partying and drinking the night before. At least, that is how I imagine it to feel, since I do not drink any alcohol. Still I had a huge headache and my hair stood on end and the skin on my head was strangely sore and my head was all fuzzy and my mood pretty much down. Did I forget to mention that I was tired? So what the heck did I do last night to deserve this? … Nothing. Okay, maybe I was up to long, but 10 hours of sleep should remedy that. I have no idea.

My rabbits looked pretty miserable, too, all sleepy themselves. Usually they wake me up at 6 am to get their breakfast and I go on sleeping for 2 or 3 hors more. But well today, they nibbled their food just as I was having my breakfast, some toast with chocolate creme. I did not really have the appetite to eat anything but in such moments as this I hear a little voice in my head that sounds very similar to my mother telling me that I have to eat something and remembering me that the last time I had some food is already ages ago.

Because of the headache I did not fancy any reading today. First I thought of phoning my mum, but she had some guests and therefore no time to talk on the phone. She has had friends and family over almost everyday of the week and I am trying to call on unusual times so as to reach her in a fortunate moment. Nevertheless I had no such luck today and haven’t had the pleasure to talk to her for more than 5 minutes the whole week.

So to spent the day I decided to play some very stupid computer games where the only thing you have to do is to match three of a kind. Nothing to difficult for my poor brain today. But I was disturbed, how could it else be? and of course by my “favourite” flatmate. She was all heads and toes because her boyfriend Abdul is going home for a month and she won’t be able to see him. Now she wanted to burn a CD with their favourite audio tracks on it and could not manage the PC program. Kind as I am, I helped her (although I do like her less often than not). I know a thing or two about computers and laptops and I have been able to repair my laptop on my own for some time. I also know how to burn a simple CD, but it did not work today. Whoever had a grudge on me today in heaven, thanks a lot!

Okay, breathe, girl, breathe! Puh… I need to stay calm. I wanted to change my way of thinking, right? So, this CD problem was not my fault and it was not my flatmates either. Later on she went to another friend and after they tried out other blank CDs it worked. I had already been worrying whether my brain and laptop were working right… and they do! Which is good. I notice that I should better not write too much about this special flatmate. It creates too much negative thoughts.

Today is Sunday. I had been trying to reach the girl who is living in my room to be right now with no success. That was Friday. So I figured she would be away for the weekend and return Sunday evening. Or if not anyone else in the flat would be there then. I mean, it is a flat for 5 people, someone should be around, right? Just to be sure I went over at 9 pm. No student whether he or she likes parties or not is in bed before 9 pm. I rang the door bell and noone answered. Indeed, there was no sign of life at all. Even the Sunday paper was still lying on the doormat. Tomorrow I want to sign the contact for my new room and I have not been able to look at it or the flat or any of my new flatmates. This makes me feel kind of insecure. It is like jumping into cold water and I do not like it. I hope that Mrs Nehls will be able to tell me something about the room and the girls who live there. Well, this is a fact I already know. My new flat will be full of girls, just like the last. I experienced that living with boys and girls is a lot more relaxed and so I hope that maybe I will not be the only new roomie but that there will be a nice guy, too. Although, I would not want to live in a flat with 4 girls if I were a boy. That would be scary. I think a flat full of just girls is already scary enough.

Wah, my positive thinking just won’t work today. 😦

I can’t help it. Tomorrow can only be better. Oh! And I just remembered something good that happened today. Alex knocked on my door this evening and asked me about the prices of the rooms. Seems she and Julia (the Ukraine girl) have to pay for their housing tomorrow. I thought it very nice that she asked me instead of Lisa (my “favourite” roomie, grr). That makes me feel needed and appreciated. And it is also something I have experienced more than once since I live in this flat with Lisa (1 1/2 year). All the new flatmates, some of them German, some foreign, come to me when they have questions. That is because I care and she seems not to. And maybe because my English is better and I am at home more often… whatever.

Good night, guys and ladies

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