It was quite funny how grown men behave when they feel “not watched”

I made a new experience. I have been staying awake a whole night before and never had problems afterwards. This time is was different. I fought a horrible headache (again) and spent the day taking naps and trying to do at least some useful things like signing my contract. I took my bike and rode through the city to the Studentenwerk, on organisation who takes care of students’ matters like housing, financial and social help. But because of an unknown reason the bureau had no hours of business that day, although it usually has.

I did not want to have been riding into the city just for nothing, so I decided to buy some nice new plants for my room. I do love plants and I love the colour green and potted plants make a room so much cosier! Lately, because of my depression, lots of my plants had to suffer and well some did not survive the time while I was in hospital… that is why I was in need for some new ones. It was a small odyssey to get a Dieffenbachia plant. I love those! And I wanted to have one again. I tried out three flower shops until I finally found one that sold Dieffenbachia (on the way I bought a very adorable flower pot holder that I actually do not need, but I just could not help it, I have a weak point for cute flower pot holders)!

And since the Dieffenbachia (bowmanni) was cheap I also took a small Dracaena marginata. I remember my mum used to have one of these. So now they are standing on the window-sill next to my bed and I like the look of it very much. That was as good as everything I did yesterday, except for buying rabbit food, but that’s not that world moving, is it?

In front of the house I live in is now a building site. Yes, right in front. There used to be a small paved lane for cars which was mostly used by the post car for students usually cannot afford to have a car on their own here. While having lunch I watched the building workers and it was quite funny how grown men behave when they feel “not watched”. There were two of them, both kind of bulky, with lots of muscles on their arms and almost no hair on their heads. They had to pull out the paving stones and dig a hole to get at the pipes below. They took their time quarreling and discussing how to do it and joking and giving each other pinches. Yes, pinches! Pinches on the thighs and bottom! I could hardly believe my eyes either!

Later they needed an exvacator and so one of them went to get it. The other stayed and went to work and strangely enough he got on much faster while working alone than together with his co-worker. He pulled out the paving stones in no time, took then ages to stack them on a wooden pallet, and while digging he became slower and slower until finally making a pause. He sat down, looked around and rsted his chin on the handle of his shovel. Two minutes later (I suppose the handle was not too comfortable) he examined his gloves, then took them off to look at his hands and nails, yawning and scrating himself, he managed to pass some more minutes until I got bored and went to do something else.

Since then, when I go into the kitchen, I take a look or two at the building workers. Last time I heard them cursing through the opened window. They had managed to damage an important looking cable. Well, I spent a lot of time on the Internet and so I was very alarmed and my flatmate Lisa, too, because the only way to communicate with her boyfriend in Israel for the next month is via Skype. Fortunately, and as you may have noticed by now, our Internet still works, thank God! But… our TV does not. Or better to say MY TV does not. I am the only one who uses it here. If I could choose between the two of them I would of course chose the Internet. Still, I want them to repair that cable as soon as possible!

I got a new message from the Studentenwerk concerning my new room. They acknowledged my claim on it and told me that I could sign it in the next days. They would prefer me to sign it in the 35th week of the calendar though. I thought, what!? That is at the end of August… I am not so keen on all this paper work, but it is always better to have such things done. I guess I will wait. I also tried to take a look at my new room again and went over. First thing I noticed was that the windows were open and the blinds were up. The paper had been removed from the door mat, too. That made me enthusiastic and I rang the bell with a big smile on my face.

Again, noone opened. This is starting to get on my nerves. Now I know definitely that the flat is inhabited or has been inhabited by someone in the last two days. Why cannot anybody open the door then? Or is it me who is ringing at the most unfortunate times? I think not. Today I was there at 11 am. Not an impolite time to ring a doorbell. I went to the caretaker, so that he could have me have a look at the flat at least. He was not available… my luck is running out. Either this, or this is all a bad omen. I am kind of superstious and all these obstacles between me and finding out about my new flat and room may bode ill. Again, not a very positive train of thoughts. I have still a lot to work on.

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