I thought, since I am come this far, I want to enjoy myself

How different life in a shared flat can be when just one person is away. Two days ago Lisa went home for a week. Of course, not without burdening me with her cleaning duties (the garbage, because Alex and Julia do not know in which container to put the garbage yet; since we separate glas, paper, plastic/metal and bio, it is not as easy as you may think at first) and making me promise to look after her plants. In Lisa’s case, plants means a nice number of at least 7 tomato plants on her balcony, lots of basilicum, peppermint and other spices, and not to forget some flowers like sunflower, lavender and so on. She needed quarter of an hour to tell me how to water her plants until I interrupted her saying that I had quite the green thumb and that she does not need worry about it.

“I know my plants will be in good care. I do not worry”, she said and it took me some moments to understand, that this was actually some kind of compliment. So since she is gone and my dear HeRan, my Chinese flatmate, is back from Italy again, it has been such a fantastic time. The four of us eat together, chat all the time and laugh and like the same things. I wish I could live together with these 3 girls longer than only two months! Just yesterday night we went dancing. I do love dancing very, very much! But I am quite afraid of going dancing in public places. Not because I fear someone could think my dancing odd. No, I simply do not like being in a dusky room with so many unknown, probably drunk people. But the girls persuaded me and we all dressed up and had a wonderful time. I danced a lot although the music was not to my liking at all. Too hard and hardly any melody, bordering on Metal. Nevertheless, I thought, since I am come this far, I want to enjoy myself and danced and danced. It always makes me feel so free and I got some compliments from my friends afterwards. They all did not imagine me to dance so at ease and freely when it took them such an effort to get me to some kind of bar or discothec. Well, they also did not know that I was in a dancing club for two years during my grammar school time… 🙂

I especially like Alex more and more every day. She was so happy when I finally gave in to go out with them that she hugged me. And just recently she told me that she thought it very sad that I was moving out. I reassured her that I would not be moving out until late September, the time when she will be going home, too. She explained tha although she only knew me for some days she liked me and had gotten used to me. I was very touched and we had a very long and pleasant talk that evening.

Alex also helped me to get some very nice Jane Austen audio books and the new BBC adaption of my favourite book “Emma”. I have only watched half of the film so far, but I do love it!!! At first, I am always somewhat sceptic when I hear that there will be some new “Emma” film because it means there will be a new actor trying to impersonate my beloved and idolised Mr Knightley. Acting means interpreting and so every Mr Knightley is different. My very favourite Mr Knightley is, of course, Jeremy Northam! But I do have to admit that Mark Strong was a good Mr Knightley, too! And Jonny Lee Miller is a very nice Mr Knightley aswell! In this BBC Miniseries they show this slightly rough farmer side of Mr Knightley. He is not as genteel as Jeremy Northam’s and not lecturing and furious like Mark Strong’s. This new side is very interesting and it keeps close to the book, I love Jonny Lee Miller’s interpretation. And when he looks at his Emma you really see what he is feeling in his heart! It is amazing. Such a good actor!

The funny think is that Jonny Lee Miller actually played Edmund from Mansfield Park before and so did Blake Ritson, this time starring as Mr Elton. So both did the same role (and were pretty good in them, too!). I am complete crazy about these BBC film. At least about its male actors! Take a look!

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