I began to allow rosé coloured things in my environment to exist

Since I have not done anything (really) but sleeping today I think I will write about something that is on my mind right now. You know when I was a girl (I am 21 right now, almost 22) I hated the colour pink or any shade of rosé. It was too “girly” for my taste and I also detested wearing frocks or skirts. This suited my mum. It was of course easier to raise a girl who is not keen about fashion and make-up and all that. The only thing I was vain about, and still am I guess, is my long hair. I always wanted to have long hair and I do. It is very thick hair, growing very fast and is somewhere between brown and blonde. It seems to change colour depending on the light.

Anyway, I think two years ago a change happened in my mind. I had been wearing skirts for some time now, although only on special occasions. I was too shy to wear a skirt in school. You maybe think that frocks and skirts are a pretty normal part of every school uniform but here in Germany we do not have a school uniform of any kind. Pupils are allowed to wear whatever they want and strangely enough skirts were and still are very, very unpopular in my home town. God knows why. When I visit my mum and brother I seem to be the only one wearing one and I feel a little bit alien then…

Anyway, I keep forgetting my real topic. So I was wearing skirts but I still kept away from anything pink or purple or rosé. One of my aunts who used to visit us with her daughter for Christmas had the annoying habit of presenting me with pink tops and sweaters so that my cousin Stefanie and I would run around like twins. I do admit that I hated that. Well, two years ago this dislike of the colour rosé started to abade. I began to allow rosé coloured things in my environment to exist. I was still far away from allowing myself to like it though.

When I look around my room now, it still is mostly decorated in applegreen (my very favourite colour) and white. There are some red and rosé coloured accessoires though and their number is steadily increasing. I already own a rosé coloured top which would have been unthinkable before! It is really strange. I did not decide to like that colour, it rather chose me whether I liked it or not. And now I do admit officially that I LIKE THE COLOUR ROSÉ!

My room is generally described as very romantic. My flatmates say so and I can only agree with it. Some days ago Alex told me that she noticed that I liked ancient things. Maybe “ancient” is not the perfect word for it but I know what she wanted to say. Looking at all my beloved Pasttimes articles, my old wooden juwelry box and my clothing style I could not deny it if I wanted to (I love those “babydoll” frocks like they call them today, they remind me very much of the Regency dresses!).

Lots of my flower pot holders have roses on them and recently I bought this very sweet and romantic pillow from Pasttimes: it has a Union Jack stitched on it but not in the usual style. I will put an image in here to show you. I have a lot of candles standing here and there. Old fashioned picture frames and a lot of post cards on my wall. I have Praeraffaelite posters on my wall and smaller pictures from Mucha paintings and I love objects that are decorated in a style that was inspired from nature. With ivy or vine leaves, berries and flowers.

I like chequered materials and especially my handbag. I only own three handbags but use my favourite one mostly. It is medium size, so that I can easily take a book with me. Not too big like those huge carpet bags and not too small like those infinitely tiny and unhandy clutches on a string. It is made of cloth, no leather (I try not to use things that are made of real leather) and it is red and white and black, a really nice tartan pattern. I got it very cheap in a Bijou Brigitte shop, a very popular jewelry brand. And strangley enough I get lots and lots of compliments for my handbag, and am always asked where I got it although it is really rare to get something only you get from this shop. Mostly you walk through the streets and it’s like: “Oh, this girl has my earrings!” or “Look at this woman over there. She has the shawl I bought for my sister.” So this portemonnaie you see here is not my handbag. I was not able to find any picture of it on the Bijou Brigitte website. But the tartan pattern is the same.

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