Happy Birthday Joe Perry!

I almost forgot to congratulate someone very important:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY dear Joe Perry!

Let’s hope for a successful new season! Next Snooker tournament will be the Shanghai Masters from the 6th to 12th September 2010!

In case you have never heard anything about Snooker: It is a great sport similar to Billard or Pool but way more difficult. The tables are huge (12 × 6 ft / 3.7 × 1.8 m)! You play it with 15 red balls, 6 coloured balls (yellow, green, brown, blue, pink and black) and a white ball, the so called cue ball. The rules are easy to understand, but difficult to explain. Just watch a frame or two on BBC and you will understand it very quickly.

I have been a fan of Snooker since the UK Championship 2006 and have ever since been a great admirer of Joe Perry, Paul Ebdon and Anthony Hamilton. They are my favourite players. I used to watch it with my mum, who likes Ronny O’Sullivan. He is the uncrowned king of Snooker and very entertaining. It looks so easy when they pot one ball after the other but let me tell you it is not. I tried the game myself and the best break I ever had was 8, meaning that I potted a red ball and then the black which scores 7 points. A red one is therefore 1 point. Professionals are able to score 147 points in a break, a “maximum break”. The game is also mentally straining, you need a lot of discipline and patience. It is also good if you can cope with lost frames i. e. lost games. For more information about Snooker look it up at Wikipedia.com. But I should warn you: Snooker is somewhat of a love-hate thing, you either find it very boring or you get addicted.

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