Silent whispers and promises of tasteful delights…

What a crazy weekend! It rained all the time. I had some difficulty to get to the supermarket and back without getting completely drenched! Because of all the rain our drinking water is contaminated with bacteria now and we cannot use it without boiling it beforehand… the streets are all muddy, Lisa’s plants almost drowned on the balcony and I had to rescue them. Only yesterday did the rain cease and stop. Finally!

I watched “Julie & Julia”, like I said I would and loved it. It stirred all my own ambitions for cooking which I had buried some time ago. So I got out all my cooking books. I have a lot of them and although I can only cook few dishes myself I like cooking books very much! The colourful pictures, the nicely decorated tables, the silent whispers and promises of tasteful delights… In March I bought my very first Jamie Oliver book and spent the next few days hidding my face behind its pages. My father used to be a great cook and I inherited lots of interesting cooking books from him. Seems I did not inherit the talent, though. I can bake pretty well but never managed to master cooking. 

For a long time it has been one of my weak points, too and my flatmates cherished to remind me of it. I have very little self-esteem in myself when it comes to preparing food. I have a strange relationship to food anyway. When I am down, you know really down, I have problems with eating. I am too nervous to do it and afraid to vomit so I just keep to dry bread, water and non-too-tasteful vegetables like carrots. I know that this is not healthy but these periods are thankfully very few and never last long. But there has been a time when I was often down or nervous and when I was able to heat a canned soup I was already proud of myself.

My “dear” flatmates snarled at me for this. They cooked everyday, sometimes for lunch and dinner, using different oils and spices I had rarely ever heard of. I prefer housemade food to haute cuisine and anyway I am a student and do not have the time or money to cook that often. Nowadays I know this and can say so. There was a time when I could not, when I tried very hard to get the approbation of by flatmates. Needless to say that I sucked. And the food, too. Unfortunately this was not the only thing I did to impress my flatmates, who I considered as “friends”. It went so far as to make me wonder who I really was. What did I do because I liked it? What did I like anyway?

So my newly awakened interest in cooking felt not unfamiliar but had a bittersweet taste. These past days I pondered about giving it another try and just as I lay on my bed, in the middle of 4 – 5 different cooking books, I hear a knock on my door and Lisa stands in front of me… No cooking for me in the next 2 months. No elaborate, difficult cooking. I will keep to sandwiches, canned food, salads and frozen pizza.

BUT! I have good news! I was able to have a look at my new flat and my new room today! I had never dared to imagine it but it is great! There are two big bathrooms (not just one big bath and a toilet), a very spacious kitchen with many shelves and two fridges (pure luxury!) and my room is full of light because it has 4 windows! No balcony, again… I guess I am used to living without one. The girl who showed me around was very nice and all friendly. What a pity that she will have to move out for me to move in. The 4 other girls are all German which means I will have to speak German in my flat again. Now that I lived with Julia, Alex and HeRan for all this weeks it was already kind of strange to use my German with Lisa yesterday.

I was asked why I wanted to move and I truthfully answered that I had had a problem with mobbing and was readily reassured that this would be no problem here (in the new flat) since there had been a case of mobbing earlier, too, and the responsible girl had moved out only to leave the remaining inhabitants more open and caring for each other. Sounds good, doesn’t it? I inquired whether any of the girls was allergic against animal hair. The girl, lets call her J., did not know. There had never been any pets in their flat before. This astonished me a little bit. There are so many cats running around our residence hall and one of them is sure to sneak in one time or another: Percy and his son Peter (both very charming and fresh but no great fighters), Ute (a huge stripped cat with a female German name that is actually a tomcat), Markisa (a very small and shy one) and so on… These are only the ones I like to play with when I happen to see them while getting the post or my laundry.

J. was delighted that I have rabbits (anyone who likes my rabbits earnes a lot of brownie points 😉 ) and we plan to meet next Saturday to talk about my new room and to put up a piece of paper which allows her to move out without painting the walls anew. They are still perfectly white, I took a good look at them, so the delay is really unneccessary. Did I mention that she wants to meet my bunnies, too? Yeah! I like animal-friendly persons! I hope that my Nell will be fine again until then. I will go to the veterinarian with her later this day. There are two big red sore “spots” on her belly near the rear legs which should not be there. They hurt her when I tried to get a better look but she does not seem to mind them when she runs around my room, cleans herself or cuddles Bingley. She eats and drinks normally, too. That gives me hope that it is nothing serious. I do not want to think about losing her.

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