The Beatles – tribute for their 50 year anniversary

In Hamburg; fltr: Pete, George, John, Paul and Stuart

The news is full of it: It is the 50 anniversary of The Beatles’ first gig in Hamburg, Germany. I happen to be a huge fan of The Beatles, especially of George (the other 3 rank on 2nd place together ^^) and cannot help to be annoyed by the badly researched stories they write about them. First of all, they talk about the Hamburg time but show pictures of the band with Ringo. No mentioning of Pete Best (their first drummer) or dear Stuart Sutcliffe (the former bassist, before Paul took it over). And they pretent the Hamburg time to be something like a newly found-out fact. Hellooo??? Anyone who is into The Beatles knows about it. It’s nothing new.

Instead of ranting about the silly articles in the German newspapers I want to celebrate this anniversary with some lovely and rather funny pictures. Now, tell me again that Brits have no humour!

 Few people know that Pete Best is still an active musician. I know from a good friend and fellow Beatles fan that Pete appeared with his band on a Beatles Convention (The annual “Beatlesfestival” in Schwedt, Brandenburg) and gave autographs. I will definately be there next year, too!

I’d also like to recommend the film “Backbeat” (1994) to you in case that you’d like to find out more about Stuart Sutcliffe. He was an artist/painter rather than a musician but joined the band in favour of his longtime friend John Lennon. During their second stay in Hamburg Stuart decided to stay in Germany permanently and attended an art college. He died suddenly and very young because of an aneurysm in his brain. The film depicts the relationship between Stuart and John very interestingly and

A funny alternate version of the famous Abbey Road photo

the atmosphere of their wild Hamburg days is nicely captured, too. But, in one point, I have to agree with Paul McCartney, who does not like the film at all. His film-self is the best behaving of the boys, always the one neat dressed and polite, the dream of any mother-in-law, if I may exaggerate. I quote Paul from Wikipedia:

“One of my annoyances about the film Backbeat is that they’ve actually taken my rock ‘n’ rollness off me.”

Stuart Sutcliffe with his girlfriend Astrid Kirchherr

He is soo right. Who would dare to deny that Paul McCartney can act wildly and all Rock’n’Roll?! Just listen to the song “Why don’t be do it on the road?” or “Helter Skelter”.

But if you keep this fact in mind the film can still be very entertaining and good and if you have a little bit background knowledge it can be very funny, aswell. I cannot remember it correctly but I think Pete Best has only two whole phrases in the film after which someone of the boys will ask: “He can talk?” ^^

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