My own little fashion story

Today I want to dedicate my post to fashion. Generally I am noone who tries to copy catwalk styles. I do not even know what designers are in or not. Actually, I don’t even care to know. Every 2 months or so there is a new so-called “trend”, one more strange than the other. I am thankfully no fashion victim! I see no point in wearing what everyone wears or accepting opinions from magazines and fashion gurus  who tell me that this season is so not-green but definitely so nude.

So if you prefer to keep up-to-date about the latest fashion you can stop reading here. This will be a post about what I like about fashion, my little story. You see, I come from a huge family. Okay, no 12 siblings, just one. But I have 18 cousins, 7 male and 11 female. Most of my female cousins are older than me and you can guess what happens in such big families… yes… if there is few money clothes are being handed down.

“Why waste the good clothes? I am sure they will look good on you someday”, one of my aunts used to say. Indeed, if I had known Ronald Weasley at the time, I could have shaken hands with him. Children and teenagers are all very different and so were the clothes I got. One cousin loved shorty clothes, sometimes even boyish stuff like baggy jeans and oversized sweaters. Another (and older cousin) liked more racy clothes. Short skirts, highheel boots and tops with net sleeves… and so on. You get my point. There was such a wild mix of styles and of course everything was worn and out of season when I got it that I can say that I sometimes felt quite uncomfortable.

My mum bought me sometimes clothes, too. But we did not have a lot of money and then it is never been easy to go shopping with me. I have a lot of endurance when I find something but hardly any patience or goodwill when I find nothing. At least, that’s how it was when I was 10 or 12. My poor mum… oh dear. But when I moved out and suddenly had money on my own and noone to look over my shoulder asking “Are you sure you are going to wear this?” it happened. Skirt by skirt, shoe by shoe, I found my own style! And at first I only wanted to stop looking like a school kid. That is why the combination of T-shirt, jeans and trainers is my personal no-go. Wearing high-heels means for me a whole different feeling for life. Your posture and walk are more elegant, you feel taller, more self-conficent and definitely more feminine. This is the effect high-heels have on me and I wear them anytime and anywhere.

I would call my style: feminine, elegant and slightly old-fashioned (as a student of History old-fashioned for me means good)

Let’s start from the top:

  • Long wavy hair, if possible a natural hair colour without artificial-looking highlights
  • discreet make-up, powder and a black or dark gray line of eyeliner just on the upper eyelid, maybe a little lipgloss, but all in all rather natural
  • earrings, oh you can never have enough of them, these here are very much alike my own favourite ones, just that mine have red and green in them, too, they go with almost everything
  • old coin pendants, I collect such with queens on ’em like Queen Elizabeth I, it gives me the feeling that I might share their strength
  • I love babydoll / Empire tops with V-necks
  • Cardigans, a very recent love of mine but I never want to live without them anymore
  • Skirts are very feminine, especially godet skirts and circle skirts
  • Last but not least gorgeous Mary Jane shoes

Combined together this is somewhat my style but of courseyou have to see it in one picture to get the real impression. I want to end this post with a little anecdote. It occured a few days ago on the phone:

Me: (ranting about my flatmate using all the space in my shoe shelf)

Mum: But how many shoes can you have?

Me: … a lot.

Mum: … Just how many?

Me: Let me count… 12…

Mum: You’re joking.

Me: … 14! Maybe more, I did not count jandals or slippers.

Mum: Oh my God. What do you need them all for?

Me: To wear them of course! When I wear black I need black shoes, when I wear red  I need red shoes…

Mum: … (I had moved out from my mum’s place with 3 or 4 pairs of shoes. This was circa 2 years ago. 14 is not a great number and surely not the final number for me 🙂


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