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Two days two moods

It had been the first time that I did not enjoy choir class and that I met someone very annoying there. Well, I suppose every kind of club has at least one very annoying person in it. One of the sopranos had brought her 17 month old daughter as well, who was running and screaming about because she is still too little to entertain herself… this did not help very much. Continue reading

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The problem with some ecologists (students)

I’ve tried to talk to my flatmate and her ecologist friends about this feeling of guilt they give me. I might not be the only person to feel that way. I am not trying to destroy the world with how I live. I appreciate anyone who is helping in his or her way. Still in the eyes of ecologists this seems like nothing. All or nothing. Look like a hippie or destroy the world? Continue reading

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Quick note

I have been quite busy these last days with choir and learning but there are still 9 films to watch and review before the month ends. Continue reading

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Happily back online

After a three days abstinence on everything connected to Internet I am happily back online and at work again. Continue reading

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