Quick note

Hello guys and ladies,
I am sorry to say that I have been quite busy these last days with choir and learning. I had a lot of stress about moving into my new room. It seems I will have to do it all in one day and Lord knows how I am going to do all this without the help of my brother who cannot help me in the middle of the week because he has to work. I had also some low mood problems (did I mention that I heard that my crush got a girlfriend?) which kept me indoors and made me very sleepy and passive. But I am recovering and there are still 9 films to watch and review before the month ends and I surely won’t forget to do my job! Sadly to say, too, my dear Joe Perry is not attending the Shanghai Masters, a Chinese snooker tournament. That’s a pity, at least for me since he is my very favourite snooker player and I’ve been longing to watch some good snooker since the World Championship last April.

I had quite forgotten how wonderful it is to be in a choir! I love singing along to the radio by myself but in a group it is even better! I am very keen on improving my knowledge about music, chores and singing in general. The other people are very friendly and welcomed me warmly! I am sure I won’t regret joining them! I flatter myself that it was some kind of fate for me to be there, because the choir was in need of Sopranos II and here I come, a Soprano II! A good omen, at least.

I have also started studying again. Preparing for the new semester cannot be a bad idea, I thought. In the next semester which will start in October I will finally get to do the Cultural Studies! I have been waiting 2 years now to learn about this stuff, the culture and history of Great Britain (and well, America, too)! This was one of the most important reasons for me to study British Studies at all. I had not imagined it to consist of so few literature and cultural studies and of so much linguistic blablabla. I feel a little bit naive, when I think about it… but I definitely want to specialise in Cultural Studies and that’s why I have to get good marks this semester! I have heard from other students that the exam is one of the most difficult, only second to the Old English exam (I have passed this one already, puh!).

I have noticed some days ago that I have not anounced yet, which movie will be the tenth of the ten fantasy romance films this month. Because “Labyrinth” happened to be no romance at all, I had to find a new one to substitute it and I have decided for “Stardust”. A lovely film you will surely all like! The next film I review will be “Princess Bride”.

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