Two days two moods

When I went to bed yesterday I was very furious. It had been the first time that I did not enjoy choir class and that I met someone very annoying there. Well, I suppose every kind of club has at least one very annoying person in it. For one of our songs, one I particuarly like, we, the sopranos, had to practice alone. So we went to a room nearby and wanted to start (because half of us already knew half of the song, while the other 3 had been absent from the former 2 practices). Then U., that girl, sat down at the piano, although she cannot play it and went with us through the first part of the song again and again, never asking us whether we wanted or needed to do this at all or asking us if we could help her. I wonder why noone told her to stop. She has a commanding way about her…

So this time wasting was making me impatient. If I lack some good quality more than others it is patience with the “imbeciles”. One of the sopranos had brought her 17 month old daughter as well, who was running and screaming about because she is still too little to entertain herself… this did not help me much. With every high-pitched scream from that innocent looking child I winched. When I am stressed, which I was, I cannot cope with strange noises. U. kept on working only for herself, never really checking if we got on through the rest of the song or not. She of course knew the original song from Ella Fitzgerald, blabla. I have to admit that her voice sounds good, but I’d like her to sing more quiet, at least a bit to give us others a chance to be heard as well. Alas, I am yet the new girl and do not dare question her. However, I want to enjoy choir and not be angry afterwards.

I asked my friend who has been in this choir before me (without me knowing, it was a happy coincidence that we met there) what U. studies. From her demeanor I supposed she was studying music. Indeed, she does not. U. studies pharmacy and heaven knows how much I like people who study pharmacy… In my first semester I had to share a room with such a student and I was hardly ever allowed to listen to music without headphones or to invite someone because she was always, and I mean ALWAYS learning. Since she has and had the right to learn as long as she wanted I could never say anything against it.

When I got home I just wanted to find out what had been going on in my other flatmates’ lives and heard that one of our male neighbours had been asked to help fix a shelp onto H.’s wall. This would have been no problem to me had this special male neighbour not been the hottest of all in our residence hall and unfortunately someone I had had a quarrel with for the last 2 years. All because he cannot behave when he lost at cards and well, I am maybe a little bit to good at holding a grudge. We never greet each other when we meet. Since I seemed to know him H. thought it a good idea to have me meet him and to fix not only her shelf but him to me as well. To make us couple is such a grotesque idea. I mean I do not want to get to know him better and I hate him for being so handsome! You see, my room has no balcony because it is situated in the corner of our building. He is living only two rooms next to me (thankfully without us sharing a flat). So his room has a balcony and when ever he likes to sit there bare chested or only in shorts I am practically forced to look at him for all my windows face the side of his balcony…

This is what made me furious yesterday. Today has been a much better day although I would not have supposed to be it that way. I have finally had some ideas of what to get my mum as a birthday present and what to wish for my own birthday (there are only two weeks in between). Every year in September my mum gets a wishlist from me and every year I have no clue what to get her. My brother depends on my taste for gifts and presents, usually I have to have the idea and my brother only shares the cost with me. Then I found a perfect cage for my beloved rabbits. The cage they have now is too small because Bingley is no small bunny anymore and well, Small Rabbit did not get his name for nothing, he is really small.

While I was in Stralsund I saw a lot of women with tiny dogs like Westies and so on and I could not help thinking that these dogs are just as big as Bingley. Are not dogs usually bigger than rabbits? Well, mine is one of the exceptions. Anyway, I love him the way he is. More to cuddle with! In my new room I planned to place the cage into a corner, between the wall and the backside of my wardrobe, so they would be save from drifts. Now this super cage has an triangular shape and has two floors which will give my boys thrice the space they have now. I also like the idea that Small Rabbit will be able to go upstairs when Bingley is in digging mood. He loves digging quite much and Small Rabbit has been half-burried more than once, poor babe.

Small Rabbit will need some tranquility in the next weeks anyway. When I found out that he is actually a buck and not a doe I did not immediately plan to get him castrated. The two were getting along very well. But now they are chasing each other more and more. Its up to two times a day already and I am starting to get annoyed and worried. Bingley is twice as big as Small Rabbit (Bingley being a hybrid noone could have guessed that he would grow that much…) and won’t be dominated by him. But Small Rabbit with all his male hormons circulating through him wants to be the leader and this is the whole problem. All my books about rabbits tell me that it is no good idea to have two bucks living together so I fear Small Rabbit will have to be castrated soon. Otherwise I fear I would have to seperate them. Now with the day of our moving into the new room drawing near I plan to postpone the castration and the purchase of the new cage to early October. Moving alone is stressful enough.

I also found out about amigurumi! Small crochet doll that have no other use than being cute! I love crocheting and I have been producing some nice stuffed animals for myself and friends for a while but this is like one step higher!

I have to admit that I did not imagine my Monthly Movie Challenge to take up this much time. For the Ever After review I needed three days… well, three tries anyway. So there are still 7 reviews to go and I have every film but one now and the review on Practical Magic will be coming along soon! Also thank you very much for voting in my little poll!

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