My forced-on Internet abstinency has drawn to an end

Hello again! I know it’s been a while. These building workers drove me absolutely crazy! They damaged our Internet connection yet again, literally cutting us off from it and needed more than 10 days to repair it! At first I was too busy with my moving from my old flat to the new one to be annoyed but now… It is so true that you find out what you have had when you lost it. My beloved Internet! Although on the other side I spent much more time reading. I was almost overwhelmed by the number of books that have been published in the meantime and which I need to buy because they belong to my favourite book series! (Like “Glimpses” from Lynn Flewelling, a fourth book belonging to the Bartimaeus trilogy by Jonathan Stroud, etc, etc.)

The new semester is starting next Monday and with the increased choir meetings (because you know Christmas is approaching and there will be lots of concerts, yai!) I fear that my “Monthly Movie Challenge” will have to be turned into a “Bi-Monthly Movie Challenge”. What a pity that I could not finish even 5 film reviews last month… Let’s hope my current Internet connection will stay save and sound now that the building workers have nothing else left to do but to finish the parking lot. They should be able to do that without damaging anything else, right?

Next weekend I will spend at my mum’s place in my beloved hometown. I have not been there for a very long time, like half a year. The journey has always been a little bit pricey but since I had to live these last six months on my saved money I have to think more than twice about it. Well, it’s my mother’s 49th birthday and I have been growing a little homesick these last weeks, so I am very glad to see my brother and mum again! I am especially looking forward to my mum’s homemade food! I have to acknowledge that she is not a very good cook and she always says that she hates cooking and married a man who loved cooking for that purpose (my dad was indeed a splendid cook^^). But some dishes just taste better when you know your mum prepared it for you. It would also be too expensive to cook my favourite dishes myself because how would I be supposed to eat all the meat myself? Since my bunnies are of course vegetarians I cannot share my food with them (when I eat a banana or an apple I like to share it and I flatter myself they enjoy it, too). Anyway, it’s too much work and expense to cook my favourite meals when I am by myself and so I only get to eat it at my mum’s. I can already see my brother and me bickering to get the best pieces. ^^

Something I grow more and more curious about are my new flatmates. I do not know any of them yet and I am wondering when they will return for university and lectures. If I have bad luck, all four of them will arrive on the weekend while I am gone… In this case I would need to write a short note for them so they won’t get freaked out to hear Bingley digging in his cage although I am not there. I will have to leave my bunnies for this one night alone. Although they, and especially Bingley, are kind of spoilt, I know that I can leave them for that time without having to worry. I will feed them Saturday morning, a little bit more than usual, and by Sunday evening I will be there again. It’s not the first time for them anyway.

Moving from one place to another is always a lot of work but this time it was almost too much work for me. I had not realised indeed how many books I own and how very heavy they are! It took me one and a have day (with help) and I was sooo very exhausted afterwards and so anxious that I would have to paint my room, that I got a bad head ache and according to my old flatmates looked like a walking corpse. Luckily for me, I did not have to paint the walls (thank you dear caretaker for not looking too close at the walls!). After having carried everything into my new flat the problem was to tidy it all up and to put everything to its new places. This took me another three days (I just have too much stuff…) but now that I am done I love my new room. It’s got four windows which admit a lot of light and air throughout the whole day.  I have a lot more space than before and Bingley and Small Bunny enjoy it, too, jumping, playing and running around on my green carpet or hidding behind my big mirror and the shelves which are leaning against the wall behind it and which my brother still has to fix to the walls.

(By the by, the rabbit picture up there does not show my own bunnies. I definitely have to make some photos of my two darlings soon)

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