Yet another unreachable crush

For everyone who wonders, I am still alive! I am just currently burried under a huge amount of work for university. Just today I got an assignment for yet a new presentation due in a week! -________-

I do not know how it came to this. I even almost forgot my own birthday because I was so busy. I mean it feels good, I am happier with all the university stuff and choir but I am tired and sometimes sooo lazy.

And then I am so head over heels crazy about one of my teachers… he’s still young, only 33 years and so damn hot. I know it’s stupid to have a crush on much an unreachable person but this is a really good motivation for me and gives me something to look forward to. Even my therapist was not annoyed about it. Instead she said it is great that I am interested in the other sex again (when you are really suffering from a serious depression you are definitely not interested in anyone else in that way anymore…). Is this like an allowance for me to continue my crush, my thoughts and fantasies about that man?!

I am sooo harmless anyway. I am happy just watching him in the seminar and enjoying the feelings of my increased heart beat when our eyes meet. He is so well built and sooo intelligent and enthusiastic about all he does! In his way, he is a real role model. My flatmate I. was curious about me looking forward for Wednesday (this is the longest day of the week for me and very exhausting) and when she found out today (I am not the one to keep secrets about minor crushs) she said I was not the only one. She had heard that he was popular with the ladies. Oh well, … who would have thought? Not me. Although it seems obvious. This bothers me a little but does make him less reachable for the others than he is for me.

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