My heart is a-floating

So here is a little poem I wrote during a lecture while I could not really concentrate on the topic because I was distracted by other thoughts. Please enjoy and if you like you can leave a comment.

My heart is a-floating

There was a time

I was down.

I had tripped over my loneliness

And got lost in the darkest pit

of my own soul.

Tied to the ground

By tears and fears

All I could see

Was my miserable end.

I had lost my laughter,

My patience,

My enthusiasm.

There was a time,

– And thankfully so, there was –

I climbed out of my pit

Fuelled by anger and spite.

I saw the sky again

My soul slowly healed.

Like a child learning to walk,

Step by step,

I got my laughter back,

And my vigour,

And my patience.

But when this was done,

There was still something amiss.

There was a time,

I knew not what was missing,

And I lived from day to day,

Satisfied to be just living again.

To be breathing and eating

And learning and working again.

Yet, there had to be a time,

I should find out,

What I lacked.

And I remembered that

There was a time,

There was a spark in my eye,

A joyful ring in my voice,

A curiousness in my heart

And excitement in my guts.

Where was my enthusiasm gone?

Enthusiasm for love?

And for life?

Where and how were I to get it back?

I knew not where.

I knew not how.

And then,

There was a time

I met you.

Again, I have to say,

And indeed,

It took you a third time

For you to cast your spell on me

And with your mouth

You poured all the enthusiasm

I so needed

Back into me.

I was feeling better than I had done

In a very long time

But I was badly prepared

For your powers

And while I willingly drank in

All you had to give to me

I paid my tribute.

My heart was swept up

By the high tide,

Carried away on the sighing waves

Of the back-flow

And thus,

I lost it to you.

There was a time,

I knew my heart,


I see it once or twice a week,

Languidly floating in your wake

And sometimes

I notice it winking at me

And I ask it

“Don’t you think, it’s been long enough?”

And it smiles dreamily

Cooing: “But just look at him.

Who would ever want to leave?”

I do admit I see its point.

Nevertheless, I wish

That you, my enchanter,

Would take the rest of me as well,

All body and soul,

Instead of leaving me

With my mere enthusiasm

Unable to tie me to someone else.

You chain me to your self again and again

Every time we meet

Before you leave the room

Without a word or backwards glance.                                     13. November 2010

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