The geek had a great week

This was a really interesting week. My gosh!

I was kind of stressed out with university, the exams and papers comung up and me being behind with learning! Arrgh, but I somehow managed to do lots of things that were on my to-do list and have nothing to do with my studies. I got a new lock for my bike, but whilst trying to fix my bike and prepare it for spring I somehow let the air out of my rear tyre and have a flat tyre now. Great! Bah, I guess I’ll ask a friend to fix this for me.

I got a new hair cut. Well, actually, it is not really new. It is a little shorter and I got a real fringe now. I like it very much and feel beautiful. Everytime I walk past a mirror I smile! ^_______________^ Although I wanted to save some money after last month’s Christmas expenses, I just had to get that hair cut right away, because otherwise my beloved I. won’t see it. I want him to see me with my new hair and see my happy smile it created. I am soooo relieved that I calmed down, meaning that I am not always giddy and nervous around him, like I was before Christmas. This Wednesday, I really enjoyed his seminar again and he sat next to me, again! Although, I did not sit myself on a seat so he would have no other chance. It was mere luck! Yeah!

After all the Christmas concerts last year I was kind of exhausted and was not really looking forward to go to choir, but I am so happy I did. We got a lot of funny and beautiful songs for this summer and as I went home afterwards I was humming to myself. I almost forgot how much fun singing is! Now I will definitely go to choir with a much better attitude than last time and give my best as I always do!

I met yesterday with a great friend, L., whom I had not met for three months at least. It was fantastic, we have so much in common and it was no problem that we had not seen each other for so long. It was like we’d meet everyday and I can talk with her about everything. We laughed, we tried out a new restaurant, we talked and talked for hours and exchanged book recommendations. It’s been so fantastic, that we decided to meet again next Saturday. I am definitely looking forward to it!

So, concerning university I knew this morning when I woke up, that I had to get started, the earlier the better. I’ve read some Beth Brant today, some of her short stories and already found good material for my paper about her. I also worked my way through some of my notes for my Middle Ages lecture and then… I kind of got lost and have learned lots about the Hebrew alefbet. It is sooo interesting! I love different alphabets and I am at a loss which language to choose if it comes to my next semester: Will I learn Hebrew (which I am very interested in but which is said to be very hard to learn) or Old Greek (Which is easier and somehow more useful for my studies)? I’d love to do both but I guess this is just to much work.

Anyway, what’s important: I am happy! And feel good and confident! (Nevertheless I have to get back to work, at least for the next 2 hours and then I’ll relax in front of the TV watching this ridiculous German TV-show “Ich bin ein Star-Holt mich hier raus!” (it means: I am a star, get me out of here! It is about a group of hardly famous people who live in a camp in the Australian jungle and have to pass very strange tests to earn their food). I mostly watch it because it is really weird and because I like one of the stars Mathieu Carrière. I once met him myself in Babelsberg near Berlin while he was starring in a Winnetou-Show. He is great and really handsome for his age.

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