Still alive

Hello there, I know it’s been a while. I had lots and lots of exams and guess what? I passed them all so far! So far means, that I do not have all results yet. From the two papers I had to write, I already handed in one (about dear Beth Brant) and got four weeks more for the other (historic seals) because our library has been closed during most of the semester and was only very recently re-opened.

Anyway, I am very happy about these four more weeks. As soon as I heard about it I stopped working and enjoyed some freetime which I had already been craving for. During my work on the two papers I would get up around 7 am, eat breakfast whilst reading and then start writing. I would only get up from my desk to visit the kitchen or the bathroom. I admit some (or many) games of Solitaire, when I had a break and some phone calls to my mum, otherwise I did work. However, I got on sooooo slow! Horrible! I am really glad, that I am almost through with all this. (Well, except that this is what I will do in my job later on for years…. but then I hopefully have more enthuisiasm about it).

Did I mention that I managed to get myself poisoned with cheese? Geez, that was a really, really nasty experience! Can’t recommend that! And it was two days before my last oral exam… bad timing, too. So, be careful with Parmesan.

These last days I have spent with shopping, tidying up the flat (my, my, you would not believe how much dust there is when you have been occupied otherwise for some days) and carrying my Small Rabbit to the vet. Nothing serious. He had (note the past tense^^) some “naked” spot at his neck which was caused by some kind of fungus, wherever he got that! Dear Bingley did not and does not have anything like that! And I would surely notice something like that. With all his fluffy, white hair a naked spot would shout “hello!”. 🙂 But the vet advised me to apply some special medicine and although Small Rabbit did not like being “nursed” that way every day (the medicine has a rather nasty smell, baah) his fur is growing back quickly. The only thing left is a only slowly abating suspicious behaviour towards me. I guess, I will have to earn his trust again. ^^

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