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A time to look forward and say thanks

Looking back on last year… I thought of dropping my little tradition of making any New Year’s resolution. But then again, what is so bad about resolutions if I make some which I could actually manage? Continue reading

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My forced-on Internet abstinency has drawn to an end

Finally back after more than 10 days without an Internet connection! I managed to move into my new room in the meantime and bunnies and me feel very much at home already! Continue reading

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The problem with some ecologists (students)

I’ve tried to talk to my flatmate and her ecologist friends about this feeling of guilt they give me. I might not be the only person to feel that way. I am not trying to destroy the world with how I live. I appreciate anyone who is helping in his or her way. Still in the eyes of ecologists this seems like nothing. All or nothing. Look like a hippie or destroy the world? Continue reading

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Silent whispers and promises of tasteful delights…

It went so far as to make me wonder who I really was. What did I do because I liked it? What did I like anyway? So my newly awakened interest in cooking felt not unfamiliar but had a bittersweet taste.
I was able to have a look at my new flat and my new room today! I had never dared to imagine it but it is great! Continue reading

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